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Archiv für Dezember, 2013

Here is the output of last night and this morning. Enjoy. Shooting through the window produces some stray light.   MerkenMerkenMerkenMerken

Here in the south, life is on the street. A lot to photograph, and life’s how I love it. First two cityscapes, a documentation of change and then street life. Still bit unsharp, will work on it.

Here are first impressions from the streets of Shanghai. It’s so different and interesting here.  

I arrived early in the morning. Due to Jet-lag I was tired. The Maglev train (Transrapid) brought me to the city centre. Metro number 2 to people’s square where my hotel is located. I got a room with a view to Pudong. But the fog and the smog affect image quality. See what I got […]