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Archiv für Januar, 2014

Sunrise in Angkor Wat.       How many faces do you see?       Just smiling.       Quiet man.       What a spatial feeling.       Waiting in Saigon.       Sunset in Shanghai I.       Sunset in Shanghai II.

These awesome faces stand in the Temple Bayon in the heart of the capital of the former Khmer empire.

Again with original Zeiss 24 on Nex-7. Slow pictures with autofocus, but made scrupulous. Saigon people in their everyday street life.

Yesterday I still struggled with Photos from Angkor Wat & Co. I thought it was early to start at 8 a.m. But it was hot, hazy, boring light, ridiculously overcrowded and still didn’t know, how to process the pics. Light is definitely different from Europe. Today I started at 5 a.m. and thought it was […]

First pics in the new year 2014. The people of Vietnam are cordially. Last street shooting was more of a stealth shooting which means working manually with preset aperture and shutter speed. Only ISO-automatic adjusts the exposure. Depth of field and shutter speed blur are thus controlled. Prefocusing is done to a certain distance, with […]