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Carrying a Mikoshi Shrine through Berlin The japanese community in Berlin organizes a traditional procession during Karneval der Kulturen (KdK) in Berlin (KASHIWA-REN @ Karneval der Kulturen Berlin). The Mikoshi has been built for a southern french community which donated money to rebuild the shrine that was damaged by the Tsunami at Fukushima. It is […]

This city is simply crazy. Everybody is fighting for his existence. You cant withdraw yourself from this energy. Instead if you’re at home caught in your life of wealth and that having everything you need comes naturally, you may have lost this sense of fight. Here you get it again. MerkenMerken

I arrived at the airport of Phnom Penh and went into the city by a characterstic Tuk Tuk, a moped with a trailer. Traffic in Phnom Penh is crazy, the air is bad while prices are high. Night life is quite pretty though. But I moved then to Kampot, a cosy small town in the […]

Lao is a painterly country. I visited Luang Prabang and did a journey to waterfalls in the surroundings. what an astonishing landscape. The landscape of Lao is without comparison. Then I moved to Pakse which equally lies at the Mekong river. Being less touristic it is quiet but has some beautiful restaurant ships along the […]

Vietnamese people like to party. So Christmas is welcome to them, they love it, even though there are not many christian people. Life is vibrant and fascinating. I love coming there each year. Have a look at my pics:

Die Berliner Mischung – Berlin Blend The words „Die Berliner Mischung“ describe a mixture of different people with different professions and academic grade, from worker to the entrepreneur, from merchant to the professor living in one urban space. Ideally their abilities are needed by the other ones. It is definitely not about being the most […]


The land between the two seas is located in the most northern part of Germany. The narrow strip between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea is about 80 km wide, but if you drive from the Flensburg fjord it is even less. The flat countryside in between is characterized by agriculture. Some hedges and […]

Hey guys, I took the pics of my last trip to Venice and searched the Photos I took with my little NEX-7 which ones would be suited for a series called „Light and Water“. Here’s the result. All of them were taken with the Olympus 21/2 lens mounted on a Metabones Speed Booster, except two. […]

Hello again, here is a series of street scenes from Saigon, Shanghai and Siem Reap (Angkor, Cambodia). Enjoy it. MerkenMerken

I took 13 nightshots from the previous travel to Venice and Murano. To bring out the colors of Venice needed some effort because lighting is dull to the least. Have a look, these pics call for making a calendar. Have a look by yourself:

Sunrise in Angkor Wat.       How many faces do you see?       Just smiling.       Quiet man.       What a spatial feeling.       Waiting in Saigon.       Sunset in Shanghai I.       Sunset in Shanghai II.

These awesome faces stand in the Temple Bayon in the heart of the capital of the former Khmer empire.

Again with original Zeiss 24 on Nex-7. Slow pictures with autofocus, but made scrupulous. Saigon people in their everyday street life.

Yesterday I still struggled with Photos from Angkor Wat & Co. I thought it was early to start at 8 a.m. But it was hot, hazy, boring light, ridiculously overcrowded and still didn’t know, how to process the pics. Light is definitely different from Europe. Today I started at 5 a.m. and thought it was […]

First pics in the new year 2014. The people of Vietnam are cordially. Last street shooting was more of a stealth shooting which means working manually with preset aperture and shutter speed. Only ISO-automatic adjusts the exposure. Depth of field and shutter speed blur are thus controlled. Prefocusing is done to a certain distance, with […]

Here is the output of last night and this morning. Enjoy. Shooting through the window produces some stray light.   MerkenMerkenMerkenMerken

Here in the south, life is on the street. A lot to photograph, and life’s how I love it. First two cityscapes, a documentation of change and then street life. Still bit unsharp, will work on it.

Here are first impressions from the streets of Shanghai. It’s so different and interesting here.  

I arrived early in the morning. Due to Jet-lag I was tired. The Maglev train (Transrapid) brought me to the city centre. Metro number 2 to people’s square where my hotel is located. I got a room with a view to Pudong. But the fog and the smog affect image quality. See what I got […]