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Saigon Street Photography, first steps

Here in the south, life is on the street. A lot to photograph, and life’s how I love it. First two cityscapes, a documentation of change and then street life. Still bit unsharp, will work on it.

SaigonHawiStreet-5931 SaigonHawiStreet-5933 SaigonHawiStreet-5949 SaigonHawiStreet-5963 SaigonHawiStreet-5964 SaigonHawiStreet-5969 SaigonHawiStreet-5972 SaigonHawiStreet-5980 SaigonHawiStreet-5982

2 thoughts on “Saigon Street Photography, first steps

  1. Brischko sagt:

    Super Bilder !! Weiter so