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This site is about the adventure of travel experienced as a photographer. It provides also a basis of information for a traveler, if a certain region pleases to him. I had this idea when I did research, if Vietnam would be worth a travel. It was not so easy to find relevant information, because german television mostly produces sociocritical programs from which you can deduce the difficulties of the living in a place. But the beauty of the country and its inhabitants is rarely covered. Clicking through Flickr was tedious. Too much unstructured information and tons of bad pics. Oddly, after some search I found that it is a beautiful country with an excellent kitchen, open minded people and lots of adventure when I saw Gordon Ramsay escape to Vietnam and the TopGear Vietnam episode. I want to write up illustrated short stories about what I experienced during my trips to other countries or inside Germany. It will contain more elaborated pages as well as blog style, or commented photo series.

Why do I travel? First answer: I always did it. First with my motorcycle, every free second searching for new views, new people, new experiences, new thoughts, new feelings, new routes to myself. The urge that there have to be different ways than what I had seen before. then in 2006 I bought myself a Sony brigade camera, just right before a trip to Alaska. Then the route was inevitable. Canon EOS 350D, EOS400D, 5D, 5D2 and now Pentax 645D and simultaneously as a small cam Sony NEX-7. Traveling became more and more being a flaneur. The concept of strolling through the cities as an urban explorer. And this concept is also applicable for traveling through the countryside, be it on two wheels or on four wheels.

Traveling needs a lot of planning, especially if you want to make outstanding pictures. These sites will give advices, which have been proven to be useful in my own preparations. Links will be posted to refer to relevant websites. Feel free to take a look.

Cheap and simple but clean rooms room can be booked at Hostelworld. They have a great number number of hostels available. Many user comments on the hostels.

Otherwise, if you travel in style and want to stay in a hotel with great views, try Marriott. I will in in near future stay at their hotels in Berlin, two different in Shanghai and in Saigon and will report about their quality. What I already can say that these Hotels have outstanding locations enabling great views. And they have it all over the world. Their reward program is great, too. I think these are underrated in Germany. It helps you save a lot of money, so that in the end it’s more economical to stay there than expected. A view at their
booking site

is really worth it. And don’t miss to join their
reward program

and get up to two nights for free. I did it.

Marriott - Weltweit 3500 Hotels.

And if you search for a room between luxury class and hostel simplicity, I can recommend tripadvisor. They have a huge selection of hotels and the biggest amount of user ratings I know of.

From Germany you can fly Lufthansa direct from Frankfurt to many destinations in the world. Actually they have tempting offers for East Asia.

Top Angebote von Lufthansa- jetzt zugreifen!

Top Angebote von Lufthansa- jetzt zugreifen!

Top Angebote von Lufthansa- jetzt zugreifen!

If your lucky you find a ticket for under 700.- € to for example East Asia. Be aware to book a direct flight. Flight times are not the total travel times which may sum up to more than one day. Or book with a stay of two or days in the city where you change which can provide you excellent opportunities for an even better travel experience.